Developing and maintaining a great skin care routine is crucial for your skins future! It’s always easier to maintain than to try and catch up. For the past five days, I’ve been testing out Jergen’s new BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. It’s a multi-action formula that when used daily, gives you instant visibly improved skin.


Now, naturally it’s easy to be a little skeptical of products that offer benefits so quickly. So you can imagine how eager I was to put this BB cream to the test!

The sheer quick-drying formula provides the following five visible benefits:

1. Hydrates and Smoothes

2. Brightens and Illuminates 

3. Evens skin tone

4. Visible firms skin

5. Minimizes the appearance of imperfections.


I selected the medium-deep shade for my skin tone. For those with fairer complexions you have the option of choosing the BB cream for light skin tones. Now you may be thinking, “BB Cream for the body? Won’t it rub off onto my clothes?” Honestly that raised a concern for me as well. But I have had no issues with this cream rubbing off onto my clothes or ruining my bed sheets. What a relief!


I personally love lotions and creams with fragrances added to them. This BB cream smells fresh and clean with a hit of floral notes. I used it daily to get optimal results, and my little secret, is to apply the BB Cream fresh out of the shower, so it can really penetrate into the skin and lock in the moisture.


I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin. Because it’s so hydrating, my legs look more luminous, feel soft, and are gradually evening out. The body cream retails for $12. Check out my video review below on my method to applying the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream!




Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jergens BB Body Cream through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jergens BB Body Cream, all opinions are my own.



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