Hey dolls! I hope your minds, souls, and spirits have been uplifted and refreshed so far in this beautiful new year. I will spare you all the aspiration and goal resolution talk, because I’m sure your minds have been over saturated with an exorbitant amount of positivity and self promises from your peers.


I have been quite the busy one. I just moved into my new place that I spent months trying to snag after my first viewing back in October of last year. Everything is finally official, and I have a new humble abode to call my home.


Lately I’ve been consumed in nothing but home decor and DIY blogs, websites, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts. To be honest, I’ve always thought that if I could start over, I would be an interior designer. The way these designers put rooms, colors, and decor together never ceases to amaze me.


I googled my personal design aesthetic and was pleased to find that there’s actually a name associated with all the madness in my head. It’s called “Eclectic Glam , the perfect combination of feminine and spunk … or edge in my case.


Because of all the awesome ideas running through my mind, I thought the best way to go about this would be to create a vision board of each look that I want for each room. Let’s face it, toggling back and forth between the screen shots in my phone, what I’ve saved on my Pinterest boards, and photos sent from Mom, has your girl feeling a little anxious and unorganized.


I wanted to share the living room space with you first. It is my priority space to conquer obviously due to it being the common entertainment area. The focal point will be around this beautiful royal blue tufted sofa that I can’t wait to get! I’m going for a comfortable, luxury vibe that also mixes well with my personal style. My friends like to call me a hoarder, so I’m taking my first shot at a bit of minimalism this go-around.

Eclectic Glam Living Room

I can’t wait until everything comes together so I can take pretty photos and show you guys the new pad! It’s going to take a little time, but I’m up for the challenge because I’m coming into myself and know exactly what I want right now.


  If you know of any great decor or interior design blogs or sites or even Instagram pages, please share below! I’d love to check them out! 


Would you guys be interested in more lifestyle posts on McKenzie Renae? I’m venturing out this year to include a few different subjects so you can get a feel of more of my personal life 🙂