Ok this is a little painful for me, because I had a near death experience by leaving my sunglasses in my hot a** car. A little extreme, I know. But I do it all the time, not thinking twice before leaving a back up pair of shades or shoes in the car. The temps are rising to scorching degrees outside, and even higher in a car with the windows rolled up and sitting pretty in the sun all day.


Guess what? These scorching temps can wreak havoc on your precious belongings, especially the ones held together by a simple strip of glue. The glue melts, and your belongings can fall apart that quick. Trust me. I once left my super cute, pink, sparkly Zara sandals in the trunk and when I went to retrieve them the next morning, I found the bottom of the sole slowly peeling off. Yes, because of the heat. Thankfully I was able to restore them back to new.


In case this happens to you (which I’m hoping it won’t after reading this post), here is a simple DIY project to bring your sunnies back to life.


Step 1: Grab your super glue.




Step 2: Get to work and carefully, and quickly, because the glue drips, and line the rim of your shades with the super glue.




Step 3: Carefully line up the rim to your shades. I practiced this a couple of times just to make sure the alignment was correct because you only get one chance before you eff it up. Press it firmly together for about a minute or so to make sure it’s intact. 




Step 4: Walla…magic (said in my best Future voice).




By the way, I bought these shades from the Kardashian Collection at Sears. I was impressed. Didn’t want to drop $30 on them, but it was worth it. You should check out their collection, it’s sold at Sears stores and some of their stuff isn’t bad. I always buy things on sale though lol, some of prices are jacked up too high for the quality. But hey, when in Rome.








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